The Swedish-German AllBright Foundation is a politically independent non-profit organisation with headquarters in Stockholm and Berlin. The foundation works to promote more women and diversity in executive business positions. It focuses on equal career opportunities for men and women and better company results by diverse and modern management teams.

AllBright continually follows the progress of gender balance in executive management teams and boards of directors of the 160 publicly listed companies in Germany. The foundation’s activities target management and HR representatives in companies as well as multipliers and media and aims to shift the debate from discussing problems to delivering solutions. 


We raise awareness with keynotes, panel discussions and workshops

With inspiring keynotes we raise awareness amongst business leaders and employees. We share the facts from our reports as well as best practice on how organisations can become more diverse. If you are interested in more information please contact us at


Our reports review the representation of women
in top management positions

AllBright continually reviews gender representation in the business sector. Each year, we publish two reports. In autumn, we release a report that monitors gender diversity in the management teams of listed companies in Germany. In spring, we investigate a specific area. So far, we have reviewed listed companies' boards of directors and nominating committees, analysed the recruitment patterns of senior executives and made an international comparison of the gender balance of executive management teams. You can find all AllBright reports here.


Germany Last Place:
Corporations across the world get more women into top management

Published: May 14th 2018